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To make YOUR day unforgettable!


Wedding photographer in Chantilly

I welcome you....
I am a wedding and Lifestyle photographer (Couple, portrait & family).

You are going to celebrate your wedding in Chantilly or elsewhere inoise?

It would be a pleasure to live thishuman adventureby your side.

Wedding Photographer in Chantilly and in our pretty towns ofPicardy.

Humility, professionalism, discretion, benevolence and a good touch of humor are the skills praised by those I have had the chance to photograph.

Preserving your authenticity is my priority...

With my eye in the small window of my box, all my attention will be focused on what matters to you and on what will have escaped you during your "marathon" day. You will keep the memory of your wedding by imagesspontaneous, natural and creative.

Let's forget the frozen poses, the tense smiles, the "I count to 3, kiss you"... For that I will take the photographs of your wedding inreportage. The principle is very simple, you live the moment with your loved ones,you enjoyof your day in love, I take care of making itthe story in pictures. During this day, I will be quite close to you and your guests,without being too intrusive... 


A tailor-made service for your wedding in Chantilly...

Your wedding in Chantilly, whether celebrated atMontvillargenne Castle, toDomain of Montigny, or anywhere else inthe Oise, will be a dayunique!  I therefore want to invest myself completely in themission that you entrust to meandthe trust you place in me.
Photographer ofweddingprofessional, I live fullyyour day and put my creativity at your servicewithout worrying about the passage of time. I therefore suggest to youseveral collectionsdifferent based on "event" packages andnot on a time of presence.


This translates, for you, into the tranquility of a servicequality and tailor-made.

Contact your wedding photographer...

Looking for your wedding photographer inSweet whipped cream? 

Contact me... I will send you a detailed brochure and inform you about my availability.

Are my values important to you? to find out Click here.

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